FAQ and About Us


Do I need to install software?

No, the OSHA Recordable Decision Tool™ is used online — no software to download or install.  It is not an app, so you don’t need to install it.  You use it through this website.

Why should I trust these tools?

The tools have been built using all publicly available OSHA resources, as well as discussions with OSHA’s own recordkeeping specialists and access to compliance-inspector manuals.  These are the same authoritative resources OSHA would use when inspecting your logs.

How long does it take to use the OSHA Recordable Decision Tool™?

That depends on the complexity of the injury/illness case.  The simplest case might take just 2 minutes; a very complex case might take 15 minutes.

Can I use my subscription to show the videos to my coworkers or employees?

No, a subscription is for one person to use themselves.  If you need multiple subscriptions, contact us for possible bulk pricing.

How long is a membership subscription?

One year from the date of purchase, renewable annually.


About Us

We decided that the burden of deciding “Is it OSHA recordable?” merited a better solution.  Why spend hours poring through mounds of OSHA resources or relying on too-expensive consultants?  The results are our OSHA Recordable Decision Tool™, OSHA Recordkeeping Video Library™, and affordable advisory/training services.

Appellar L.L.C. operates this site.  We offer specialized help with particular regulatory areas and with occupational-health nursing.

The designer of the OSHA Recordable Decision Tool™ is an LLC member, Mike Willoughby, MBA, RN, COHN-S.  For his clients, he has been the “go-to” resource for helping decide OSHA recordability for over a decade.  His clients are from a variety of industries, and he has worked in government and private industry.

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