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Ready to simplify your job, and get help to penalty-proof your OSHA log?

Level Price  
OSHA Recordable Decision Tool + Video Library $79.00 per Year. Select
Advisory Service $2,100.00 per Year. Select

What you get:

OSHA Recordable Decision Tool + Video Library ⇐(click for details)

  • Unlimited access to the easy-to-use software or video library from anywhere.  
  • Access it anytime — seven days a week, any time of day or night — as often as you want.

Advisory Service (click for details)

  • We will decide whether the injury or illness is OSHA recordable, based on your complete incident details.  Let us do the work! 
  • Submit incidents all at once or spread throughout the year — your choice.
  • You could verify your own decisions, using this service as an audit resource.


Membership subscriptions are risk-free.  You can cancel with full refund, per the Terms Of Service.

Return On Investment

Get the risk-free value of using these tools.  Avoid a penalty of up to $12,471  for each OSHA recordkeeping error.  Let this small investment save you from OSHA financial penalties.  Prevent the bad publicity and related business cost of an OSHA citation for inadequate recordkeeping.



Note: A subscription is for one person’s use.  Access cannot be shared, per the Terms Of Service.  (The subscriber can use the OSHA Recordable Decision Tool™  to determine recordability for all employees at your establishment, but only that subscriber can use the tool.  The OSHA Recordkeeping Video Library can be viewed by the subscriber, but cannot be displayed to or viewed by other persons or groups.)

Backup / Group Subscriptions

Need a backup subscription in case the main subscriber is unavailable, or a group subscription so multiple persons can get help with OSHA recordkeeping?  We can help.  Contact us at for pricing and terms.

P.S. — Ready to simplify your job and get help making your OSHA log penalty-proof?  Subscribe now!