OSHA Recordable Decision Tool Details

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Advanced software for determining OSHA recordables.  Finally, it is easy to determine even in complex cases whether an injury or illness is OSHA recordable.

  • This it is what the OSHA 5-step decision tree wanted to be.  Our tool “bakes in” the definitions, interpretations, and details missing from their simplistic decision tree.
  • We distilled hundreds of pages of complex definitions, flowcharts, logic, and exceptions  into this easy-to-use software.  The OSHA regulations, rules, and interpretations are built in, behind the scenes.
  • It’s extremely easy to use and foolproof.  You just answer “yes” or “no” to a series of simple questions. The software uses those answers to analyze whether a case is OSHA recordable.  Then it tells you the result in plain language.
  • There is no chance for data loss or privacy concerns.  You don’t enter any information about injuries or illnesses, so there is no data to lose or reveal.
  • There is no software to download or install.  You simply use the software on the Web — it is a cloud-based solution.


What this is not:  It is not a binder of outdated material, nor a simple reprint of OSHA pages, like other vendors offer.  This is a distillation of all available OSHA resources into the simplest and best tool for you.  No thick binders to read; just simple and assured answers. 

With this tool, you are assured of making the right, clear, and defensible decision.


You also get free access to the OSHA Recordkeeping Video Library™.  It is a set of short videos that explain and demonstrate OSHA recordable decision-making and other OSHA recordkeeping concerns.

They are based on actual cases — common, complex, and bizarre. They help you build your expertise about OSHA recordkeeping.

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Tour the Decision Tool

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Want an overview?  Watch this short video:

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Benefits of the Decision Tool:

Your membership subscription will allow you unlimited access to the easy-to-use software or video library from anywhere you have Internet access.  

  • Access it anytime — seven days a week, any time of day or night — as often as you want.
  • No training or expertise is required.  Even someone new to OSHA recordkeeping can use it easily and with success.
  • Because it is Web-based, you can access it from anywhere by using a web browser. (Supported, with Javascript required: IE 8+; Current versions of desktop Chrome, Firefox and Opera; Safari 5.1+; iOS Safari 6+)