Easier OSHA log recordable decisions

You ask “Is the incident OSHA recordable?”  We help make the right OSHA-recordable decisions — easy, quick, assured.  

Until now, you’ve had to dig through mounds of OSHA resources or pay too-expensive consultants to find out.  Skip all that complexity.  Let us tell you whether it is OSHA recordable, from your complete incident details.  

OSHA Recordable Decision Tool™ 

Advanced software for determining OSHA recordables.  It is Web (cloud)-based, so no software to install.  It distills the complex regulations and interpretation letters.  Bonus: Also included is a supporting video library about OSHA recordkeeping.  Click here for details, or here to get started using it!

Advisory Services

Let us decide whether injury/illness cases are OSHA recordable.  Click here for details.  Need training on OSHA recordkeeping for you or your staff?  Have a question about recordkeeping?  Let us help — start here.

So Why Should You Care?

The wrong recordkeeping decision can cost you in financial penalties and bad publicity.

  • Missing log entries:  Are recordable injuries/illnesses missing from your log? OSHA can assess penalties of over $12,000.  They even could place your firm in an Enhanced Enforcement Program. Who wants more inspections and potential citations?  OSHA also puts cited companies’ names on their website and press releases. Who wants that bad publicity?
  • Incorrect log entries:  Are non-recordable cases in your log?  Now OSHA logs will be public for many employers.  If your logs are public, they will be seen by everyone.  This includes your competitors, unions, customers, suppliers, employees, and job candidates.  It is critical to put only the correct entries on the log.

OSHA Recordable Decision Tool™ + Video Library, and Advisory Service

Your all-in-one solution for OSHA recordkeeping!  For details on the Decision Tool, click here.  For details about the Advisory Service, click here.

P.S. — Ready to simplify your job by using our tools and services?  Click here to get started!

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